The company originally established itself as a service provider in the field of planning, implementation and supervision of special effects on film and photography sets.

Our long tradition of developing new products and the experience gained in the application of a wide variety of techniques and materials have provided us with the solid background and skills which enable us today to successfully tackle the tasks which face our clients; from the sketch stage through to the final result.

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of model making and constant confrontation with innovative concepts, unusual commissions and demanding challenges. We can offer a spectrum of services which is not only broad but also meets the most demanding requirements. Always state-of-the-art and customised to the individual requirements of our clients.

Tight schedules, fast solutions and unorthodox working hours are all part of our daily business routine. And not just locally, but worldwide. On the set of a Spanish film or photography studio, at a trade fair in Tokyo or an open-air event in Prague. If required, we provide personal on-site support for your productions and structures.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Press Releases

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Modellbau für Werbung und Industrie
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Ein Logo als Sessel
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